Mold Illness Affects Business

mold illness affects business

People spend a lot of time at the office. From a client’s two-hour meeting with your company to your employees’ eight-hour workday, people are always in the office trying to accomplish goals and tasks. With so much time spent in the office, it is important to make sure your employees, clients, and yourself are in a healthy and clean environment.

Mold Illness Affects a Business’s Employees, Clients, and Reputation

Mold growth is one of the most often overlooked factors of an unhealthy business environment. Mold growth at the office can cause illness-like symptoms and cause problems in the quality of work being produced, moods of those within the building, and company reputation. Identifying your mold problem and reducing mold illness within your office can have a positive influence on your company.


Maintaining thesymptoms of mold illness health of your employees and customers is crucial for your business. Employees who suffer from mold illness symptoms because of their proximity to mold found in the office can become less productive at their jobs. Symptoms such as fatigue, vertigo, or confusion can result in employees taking breaks to regain composure or extra time getting on track for their tasks. As an employer, ensuring your employees are in good health at the office will be of benefit to your company workflow.

Your company’s reputation is also at risk when you have mold growing at the office. If employees suffer from mold illness due to the company’s failure to provide a proper working environment, current and future press coverage may portray the company in a poor light. Hiring future employees may also prove more difficult, as potential candidates may take the working environment into consideration.


Clients who come into the office for extended periods of time or who visit frequently may also suffer from mold illness due to mold growth in your office. Constant coughing, shortness of breath, or headaches may end up leaving your client with a negative correlation between visiting your office and feeling ill, resulting in their unwillingness to visit the company as often. Removing mold from your office can help make sure your clients always have a positive experience while visiting.

Identifying the Symptoms

Mold illness symptoms vary in severity and amount. Someone suffering from mold illness could have one or more symptoms when they come into contact with mold. If your employees or clients are displaying any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, testing for and removing mold will be a crucial step in maintaining your office work place.

Fatigue, weakness

Aches, muscle cramps

Memory, focus, and concentration problems

Disorientation, confusion


Vertigo, lightheadedness

Sensitivity to light, blurred vision, red or tearing eyes

Cough, sinus congestion, shortness of breath

Abdominal pain, nausea

Temperature regulation problems

Numbness, tingling, tremors

How to Remove the Moldmold illness affects employees

Employees and clients can come into contact with mold unknowingly when they enter a water-damaged building, which according to the Federal Facilities Council Technical Report, makes up 34 percent of all buildings. Having your business tested for mold by a remediation company can help determine if mold is causing your business problems. They will test the most likely places for mold growth with highly sensitive equipment and help you take the right steps for removal if necessary.

The growth of mold in your office can be hampering your business more than you realize by negatively affecting your employees and clients. If you think mold may be a problem for your company, call CLEAR Restoration today and remove the risk of mold illness from the office.

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