How Commercial Deodorization Can Benefit You

How Commercial Deodorization Can Benefit You

Commercial Deodorization Can Remove the Mold, Fire, Cigarette, or Pet Odors from Your Office Building.

Do you walk into your office scrunching your nose at weird smells? You may be thinking it’s from the left-over yogurt in the fridge or that the trash needs to be taken out. But, after the yogurt is thrown out and the trash is removed, and your office still stinks, it may be time to face the music and accept that something else is causing that horrible odor. Whether it’s from mold or cigarettes, a strong odor can harm your company’s appearance and your employee’s morale. After all, no one wants to work in a place that stinks.

Here are some common causes of strong odors and how CLEAR Restoration can help you remove those smells with commercial deodorization.

A man looking in the fridge for why the office smells musty

If Your Office Floods, Your Office Could Smell Musty

Experiencing a flooded office can be the biggest adversity your company faces. You can lose everything and be out of business for several months. When you finally recover and the water is removed from your building, you can face another problem: mold. If your office isn’t properly and completely dried by professionals after a flood, mold is almost guaranteed. This persistent fungus can create a musty odor throughout your whole office even when it isn’t visible.

CLEAR Restoration can help remove that musty odor caused by the mold with our deep cleaning and deodorizing techniques. We also find the root of your problem and treat your mold infestation so your office is healthier and smells fresh once again.

If You Experience a Fire, You May Be Smelling Smoke

Having a fire in your office is also a huge blow to your company. Whether it was one room or most of your office, a fire can cause your entire building to stink with smoke. Smoke sinks into your walls, carpet, and furniture, making your office smell for a long time. Even a small fire can cause your office to smell for months on end if not properly treated.

We properly remove smoke odor at CLEAR Restoration using a number of methods. Ozone air purifiers, hydroxyl ions, and thermal fogging are all techniques that CLEAR Restoration can use to neutralize and eliminate all smoke odors invading your office. We also provide HVAC duct cleaning services to prevent the odor from recirculating into your office. Once we’re done, you’ll smell pure freshness once again.

If You Buy a New Office Building with Cigarette Smell

A strong cigarette smell is unhealthy for you and your employees. From causing headaches to affecting your lungs, cigarette smell is a dangerous odor to allow to linger around your office building. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new building and it has the odor or your building has gained that smell over time, you can refresh it easily with commercial deodorization services from CLEAR Restoration. Using the same methods as fire deodorization, we remove the cigarette smell from your property with ease.

Cigarettes whose smell can be eliminated with commercial deodorization

If You Have Pets, The Wet Dog Smell May Not Be Your Imagination

An office dog can bring lots of snuggles and smiles to your office. Unfortunately, they can also bring some strong odors too. Whether it’s a litter box or just general fur stinking up your office, the smell can get pretty bad. Soft materials such as carpet and furniture can absorb odors and release them into the area even after you clean the box or vacuum. When the pet odor sticks around after you clean up, it’s time to consider commercial deodorization.

Using potent techniques and safe methods, CLEAR Restoration removes all pet odor from your office building for a clean and odor-free business. As a licensed restoration company in Baton Rouge, you know you’ll get effective commercial deodorization services from us and enjoy a clean smelling office.

Don’t let bad odors ruin everyone’s day. When it comes to your office building, you can get it to smell fresh again whether you have smoke, mold, or pet odors with commercial deodorization. Call CLEAR Restoration for your commercial deodorization services today.

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