Causes of Attic Mold in Your Home

Causes of Attic Mold in Your Home

Out of Sight Out of Mind Is How Attic Mold Thrives in Your Home

Finding mold within your home can cause significant health problems and damage. Mold that grows in your attic, or attic mold, can bring its own set of problems. It grows rapidly and can spread to other areas of your home without much notice.

When it comes to attic mold, finding the source of its growth is important to prevent it from coming back. CLEAR Restoration works to not only properly remove mold from your home but also find the source of growth. Attic mold is generally caused by how your home was built, so it is important to know if your house is at risk.

#1: Leaky RoofAttic mold can be caused by a leaky roof

Water dripping from the roof can not only damage your floors and ceilings but can also cause mold to grow in your attic. This is different from the other common reasons attic mold begins to grow because it is not caused by condensation buildup from faulty construction but rather the actual water from damage. If you suspect your roof has a leak, be sure to contact CLEAR Restoration immediately to prevent any further water damage and eliminate mold growth.

#2: Water Heaters in the Attic

When water heaters are installed in a warm, closed space such as an attic, the humid environment creates the ideal breeding ground for mold growth. If your home has its water heater installed in the attic, it is best to have it moved to another area such as the garage.

This is to not only prevent attic mold but also prevent potential water leaks that can occur in a broken heater. Both the condensation generated by the water heater and any potential leaks from the water heater can cause attic mold to occur.

#3: Improper VentilationImproper ventilation can cause attic mold

A poorly installed ventilation system can lead to the growth of attic mold. Kitchens and bathrooms generally have exhaust fans installed to ventilate moisture out of the house to prevent mold growth. However, some improperly installed ventilation systems just send the moisture into the attic instead of outside.

The trapped moisture inside the attic along with the Louisiana heat beating down on the top of your house creates an ideal environment for mold. Being aware of what can put your home at risk for mold growth and correcting any potential problems is one of the best methods in preventing mold growth in your home and attic.

For attic mold inspection and remediation in Baton Rouge, call CLEAR Restoration. Remember that mold is never confined to one area of your home and can spread throughout the interior and foundation without much warning.



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